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About Us

Hello there! We are a record label situated in multiple locations, where we upload daily content on our YOUTUBE which are sometimes created by our lovely users! You maybe become one of them, make sure to join our discord for your song to have a chance to be uploaded!
We have our Awesome staff members (Apps will open soon):-
[Owner] Bardai
[Admin] Heroic
[Mod] craftit7
[Mod] Rizztard
[Mod] *YAYO
[Mod] PHNX0077
Make sure to follow us on Instagram (certyafrecords_)!

Apply for different roles

In our server, you can apply for "Musician, Producer, Beat maker, Instrumental, DJ, Or staff! (Apps will start soon)" you may need to verify your self when applying.


Support Us!

Buying Merchandise will be available very soon! Make sure to tell us about your thoughts in our discord server!

Now the fun part!

In this server, we post daily song uploads by users in our discord, join it and post your song then await approval and you might get lucky! Apart from that, you will be able to collaborate with some dope music makers from around the world! Have a great day @everyone!

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